USM Haller goes Reed&Simon

Dear Customer,

we are proud that Reed&Simon is from now on an official USM HALLER Partner in Luxembourg and that we are able to show you the latest configurations from this epic brand in our showroom.

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Who is USM Haller?

USM was founded in 1885 as a metalworking and locksmith’s business by Ulrich Schaerer. The factory and headquarters were built in Munsingen, Switzerland, where they remain to this day.

The USM Haller along with our other ranges of tables and accessories all show our commitment to unparalleled innovation, genuine quality and true style. 

USM continues to develop its environmental leadership. In 2007, the company was awarded Greenguard accreditation, certifying that its products have low chemical and particle emissions and therefore help to reduce indoor air pollution. USM furnishings were the first European products to meet Greenguard’s rigorous standards.

Configure your own!

USM Haller‘s 3D configurator lets you design the ideal furniture for your office, whether it’s an entire boardroom shelving solution or a single under-desk drawer pedestal. 

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