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Dining Table Vitra Luxembourg

Vitra Plate Dining Table

Finely balanced proportions and the subtle interplay of planes and curves give the Plate Dining Table an unassuming, refined appearance that can be complemented by a wide variety of chairs, both contemporary and classic. The deft combination of aesthetic elements and structural details make the Plate Dining Table seem immediately familiar and perfectly at home in any interior.


Available in our store in Luxembourg-Hamm (from mid november)

Short biographie of Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison lives and works in London and Tokyo. His designs are expressions of the 'super normal' design philosophy:

rather than seeking unusual or extravagant results, he often breathes new life into proven solutions by means of reinterpretation, further development and refinement.

He has worked together with Vitra on a regular basis since 1989.

Vitra Luxembourg

Vitra Akari 16a

Vitra Akari Light Sculptures

'The harshness of electricity is transformed through the magic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun – so that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night.' Isamu Noguchi

The Akari Light Sculptures are luminaires handcrafted out of washi paper in Japan. In 1951 the Japanese-American artist, sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi began work on this series, which eventually comprised more than 100 table, floor and ceiling lamps. The name 'akari' that Noguchi chose for these objects stands for 'light' in Japanese, connoting both illumination and physical lightness

Short biography of Isamu Noguchi

The oeuvre of Japanese-American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi is unusually multi-faceted, ranging from the fine arts to industrial design. Since 2002, Vitra has produced re-editions of his designs in cooperation with the Isamu Noguchi Foundation in New York. 



Vitra Luxembourg

Vitra Eames House Bird - walnut

Charles and Ray Eames discovered a black bird figure on one of their many extensive travels. Evidently highly treasured by the couple, this artefact of American folk art has stood in the centre of the living room of the legendary Eames House in Pacific Palisades, California ever since. The Eames House Bird from Vitra, made of alder wood in a black lacquer finish, is an understated yet expressive object, and a perfect decorative addition to any interior.


Available in our store in the "City Concorde" Bertrange (from november 15)

Vitra House Bird Luxembourg
Vitra House Bird Luxembourg

Lounge Chair Vitra Luxembourg

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair & LTR Table - mahogany

With their iconic design of the Lounge Chair (1956), Charles and Ray Eames set new standards and created one of the best-known classics in the history of modern furniture.

The Lounge Chair will be presented in a special 2018 limited edition with a new wood: mahogany. We have also created a matching limited edition of the Occasional Low Table LTR Mahogany with a basic dark base, which is only available with the purchase of the corresponding Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. A special product label will be applied to both products the Lounge Chair and the Occasional Low Table LTR

Short biography of Ray & Charles Eames

Charles and Ray Eames are counted among the most important figures of twentieth-century design. Their work spans the fields of furniture design, filmmaking, photography and exhibition design. Vitra is the sole authorised manufacturer of Eames products for Europe and the Middle East. When you own an Eames product made by Vitra, you know it is an original.

Charles & Ray Eames Vitra Luxembourg

Grand Repos Vitra Luxembourg

Grand Repos with new fabric: Mello

The elegant swivel-based lounge chair Grand Repos by Antonio Citterio offers supreme comfort thanks to its integrated synchronised mechanism.

In 2018, the Grand Repos will be presented in the new fabric Mello with a special discovery price. Three colours (cement, graphite, pebble stone) will be available in a Quick Ship programme

Short biography of Antonio Citterio

The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded

Vitra Luxembourg

Chaise Vitra 03

Vitra .03 - new colours


The aesthetic hallmark of the .03 chair is its sleek, slim shape – a design that can be seen as an expression of the concept 'less is more'. At the same time, the chair is unexpectedly comfortable: made of resilient polyurethane integral foam, the linear shape of the seat shell adapts to the body. When the sitter leans back, the upper part of the backrest yields slightly – a pleasant sensation created by the integrated leaf springs. The extraordinary comfort of .03 is first revealed upon use.

Short biography of Maarten Van Severen

The designer Maarten Van Severen started creating furniture in the mid-1980s, initially producing the pieces himself in his Ghent workshop. His designs are characterized by their simple form and superb comfort. The collaboration with Vitra began in 1996, resulting in the Van Severen Collection.

Vitra Luxembourg

Wall clock Vitra Luxembourg

Vitra Popsicle Clock

America around 1950 was a place of growing economic prosperity and unfailing belief in progress. Designer George Nelson conceived a variety of lamps, clocks and other accessories, aiming to introduce modern design into American homes at that time. He and the employees of his design office relentlessly pursued this objective into the 1970s, creating, for example, a range of diverse wall clocks. Equipped with high-quality quartz movements, the collection of Wall Clocks from Vitra includes designs to suit almost every taste and fancy

Short biographie of Georg Nelson

George Nelson is regarded as one of the most important figures in American design. Active as an architect, a product and exhibition designer and a writer, he was a leading voice in the discourse on design and architecture over several decades.

Vitra is the sole authorised manufacturer of specified Nelson products for markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Vitra Luxembourg

Resting animals Vitra Luxembourg

Vitra Resting Animals

As part of a research project on the connection between humans and everyday things, the Swedish design duo Front asked people to identify the most meaningful objects in their lives. Many answers were related to animal figures. Also drawing on previous studies devoted to the sleeping and hibernation habits of animals, Front poured all of these observations into the development of their Resting Animals: a collection of slumbering creatures. The largest is a knit-covered bear, which can be used as a stool. The smaller cat and two birds in different sizes are decorative ceramic figures. Either separately or arranged as a group, the reposing animals radiate a sense of peace and tranquility.


Available in our store in the "City Concorde" Bertrange (from november 15)

Short biographie of Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren



 Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren – both from Sweden – founded the Stockholm-based design studio Front in 2004.

Known for their constant questioning of the design process, they have developed objects for major design brands across the world.

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